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Understandability Definition & Meaning

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definition of understandability

Accounting information that is presented to the users must have some qualitative characteristics. When it comes to existing software, on the other hand, we tend to accept our engineering team’s failure to understand the code as a god-wrought catastrophe. Charging at complexity head-on is no longer a viable approach to improving Understandability.

The understandability concept of accounting states that the information provided in the financial statements must be easily understandable by the end users of those financial statements. If the system is poorly designed and overly complex, people not involved in the original design of the system require additional time before they are able to make significant contributions to the project. Unfortunately, without intimate access to implementation details, this characteristic is very hard to determine. Understandability is the concept that financial information should be presented so that a reader can easily comprehend it. This concept assumes a reasonable knowledge of business by the reader, but does not require advanced business knowledge to gain a high level of comprehension. Adherence to a reasonable level of understandability would prevent an organization from deliberately obfuscating financial information in order to mislead users of its financial statements.

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Children and teenagers have unique interests and learn differently compared to adults. Parents can use the tools and advice inside and adapt them for their family. Describe the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of the various types of partnerships. Differentiate harmonization from convergence or adoption. Identify three examples of differences with no deferred tax consequences.

definition of understandability

It would also require this information to be repeated wherever needed. Understandability is one of the four enhancing qualitative characteristics of definition of understandability useful financial information. It refers to the classification, characterization and presentation of financial information clearly and concisely.

A big part of that complexity is inherent, due to the simple fact that the number of business requirements is ever-growing. The rest of that complexity is unwanted, caused by the way the application has been repurposed over time as well as poor design choices and is commonly referred to as tech debt. Software engineering teams, on the other hand, have an in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of the system and are looking to understand more about how it works.


The more understandable a system is, the easier it will be for engineers to change it in a predictable and safe manner. Map the semantic link network of sentences into the semantic link network of concepts. •Changeability and Extensibility—When an abstraction “exposes” or “leaks” implementation details through its public interface, the clients of the abstraction may depend directly upon its implementation details. This direct dependency makes it difficult to change or extend the design without breaking the client code. Developers must go through an extremely long process to get the data they need to understand what is happening in their code. When trying to find the root cause of a bug, a developer can face endless deployment cycles and wade through many log lines in their attempt to get the data they need to find the source of the issue.

definition of understandability

Hence, changeability and extensibility are considerably impacted. The author makes complex topics understandable by using simple words and examples. Functionality means the ability of a tenderer to provide goods or services in accordance with specifications as set out in the tender documents. The reader should be able to easily locate cross-referenced information within the financial statements. This means that all supporting schedules should be identified with a footnote number or letter, with this identifier listed in the main financial statements.

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Deploying observability tooling will provide engineers with some feedback about the application’s behavior. Building high-quality development environments will enable engineers to experiment with the application with real-world input and configuration examples. Understandability also plays a massive role in resolving bugs.

definition of understandability

We take it upon ourselves to change that existing application so that it meets some requirement, such as developing a new feature, fixing an existing bug, etc. Simultaneously we are required to continue meeting all the existing documented requirements, and maintain the existing behavior as much as possible. InfoQ Live January Learn how to achieve high-level observability without picking and choosing which logs to collect. That NOC application used Google’s social login for authentication. They had inadvertently passed a flag requesting Google to include the full user profile within the login token.

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Any company primarily runs on the funds of shareholders and directors are the people who manage those funds with the intention to generate profits. It is the responsibility of directors to prepare financial statements and shareholders can assess the performance of their directors by reviewing these statements. The concept of understandability aids this very need of the fund providers of the company.

  • We take it upon ourselves to change that existing application so that it meets some requirement, such as developing a new feature, fixing an existing bug, etc.
  • Talented engineers draw on their experience to express complex business problems in simple and elegant ways in both the software’s source code and architecture, creating an easier to understand software.
  • Any company primarily runs on the funds of shareholders and directors are the people who manage those funds with the intention to generate profits.
  • For example, he may type cast to a wrong type, leading to a runtime problem.
  • Distinguish between changes that affect consistency and those that may affect comparability but not consistency.
  • •Reusability—Duplicate abstractions often have slightly different implementations .

For probabilistic and dynamic feature-oriented systems, Dubslaff et al. 5.Initially, David produced three FRG prototypes until he felt that the response time of 0.25ms was good. Then he showed the prototype to Sean, who did not like it and felt this response time was bad.

A Guide to Software Understandability: Why It’s Essential To Every Developer

This is where separation of concerns and abstraction come into play, allowing the engineer to focus on the task at hand. Nowhere is this more apparent than in software engineering, where a developer’s daily job is to modify, adapt, tweak, or even remake the systems they are responsible for. Are they mostly easily understandable or have you been struggling?


Explain what we mean by the terms relevance and reliability, as the terms relate to audit evidence. Distinguish between changes that affect consistency and those that may affect comparability but not consistency. Explain the differences among different types of partnerships. Explain the meaning of a temporary difference as it relates to deferred tax computations, and give three examples. Differentiate between an originating temporary difference and a reversing difference. There are obviously specific signs for many words available in sign language that are more appropriate for daily usage.

That engineer had a large user profile within their GSuite account. That led to an enormous token, resulting in too many authentication attempts, and finally, that infamous error message. Within that safety check, there was a TODO comment to add a logline for this abnormal situation. Nothing is more painful than the logline that should have been there but wasn’t. More specifically, the version deployed at the time of the bug occurring. Select the appropriate abstraction level for the expected summary.

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Dignity is supported by creating an environment that allows personal assistance to be provided in privacy and by delivering services in a manner that shows courtesy and respect. But for all his understandable desire, neither the texts of authority nor authority itself were fixed or resistant to different understandings. It would have been perfectly understandable if the author had dealt first with being in general and, immediately afterwards, with categorial being.

•Reliability—When an abstraction “leaks” internal data structures, the integrity of the abstraction may be compromised, leading to runtime problems. •Testability—It requires more effort to test numerous types in an Unnecessary Hierarchy when compared to testing an alternative solution (e.g., one that uses an enumeration or a class). —If a hierarchy is created unnecessarily, it complicates the design. Hence, this smell impacts understandability of the design. This is the British English definition of understandable.View American English definition of understandable. Reliability means the degree of performance of the bulk electric system that results in electricity being delivered within Reliability Standards and in the amount desired.

The semantic link network of concepts on the original representation is an important part of experience and knowledge for understanding the summary. Summarization following this principle means that the reader can use experience and basic knowledge to explain the representation. The problem is how to construct the internal semantic link network of concepts. A concept reflects the recognition of a physical object, an event or the abstraction of some objects or events. It can be regarded as a kind of computing, which inputs data of various types (e.g., a sentence or data obtained from sensors) and generates a model of the data. Understandability assumes that users of financial statements have reasonable background knowledge of business and economic activities.

It requires the information presented in financial reports to be concise, complete and clear in presentation. However, understandability does not allow omission of information about any complex economic phenomena altogether from financial statements only due to its underlying complexity/difficulty. It assumes that even knowledgeable people may sometimes require services of an expert/advisor to understand complex economic phenomena.

Every time you and your team face a task, you just know what you need to do. It doesn’t matter if it’s developing new features, tackling customer issues, or updating the system configuration. When you comprehend the software, you know how to execute in a consistent, reliable manner, without unnecessary back and forth. Software applications in general, and cloud-native applications in particular, are becoming sprawling and complicated affairs.

No critical pieces of information may be left to the engineer’s imagination. Our ability to effectively exercise that great power often falls short on a very surprising limitation —our ability to know our own creations. As applications grow and teams scale, it becomes even harder to maintain a clear understanding of the software itself, causing projects to crumble like the biblical Tower of Babel. If you have a clear mental image of the application in your mind, and high-quality data is available to you, you can expect to perform reasonably well in all of those tasks.

The engineer should be able to easily locate cross-referenced information within the system. This is where modularity, software documentation, source-code navigation controls, and source code management tools allow engineers to find their way around the system. As applications grow and teams scale, it becomes more challenging to maintain a clear understanding of the software itself. Complexity hurts engineers’ ability to understand and effectively change the software as needed.

Its main task is to unveil the nature and the rules of evolving semantic link network where humans evolve in their lifetime, and to develop the method for discovering the semantic link network and making use of it. It uses a semantic space to specify the semantics of nodes and links, and conduct relational reasoning, which pursues rationality rather than correctness. Discover the hierarchy of semantic communities in the semantic link network of concepts. H can interact with other individuals to build common semantic space and evolve individual semantic link networks.

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