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An eCommerce must enhance the user experience, should be secure, scalable, and most importantly reliable in use. The Django framework makes it easier to build a highly secured and highly profiled eCommerce application. Active community and a lot of open-source package availability make it easier for developers to keep adding new features and add value to their applications. This framework allows the developers to create and support the production and development environment for various operating systems. No, the technology is quite old and popular and, therefore, has a lot of experienced developers and eager learners.

why use django

You just saw how rapidly we were able to define admin UI, database table, and validations above. In Django, referring to the above code, if you ever need to change a field’s `max_length` to something else — just do it here. It’ll automatically be applied to all routes’ validation & database.

Django’s Admin Interface

Awareness of those purposes should help you further determine whether or not it’s a good idea for you to consider Django for your web application project development. You wish to develop a web application that can be deployed fast and scaled up or down based on your needs. Uses Django to handle massive amounts of media data while maintaining a user-friendly interface. Running the command above generates a base folder structure for your Django project, containing five basic files by default. A simple project structure is enough to build a single-page application.

To make sure of this, it is worth considering popular companies that use the Django framework. And other features that facilitate the development of CRM and B2B platforms, online marketplaces, booking systems, and more. It works with most major databases and allows using a database that is more suitable in a particular project, or even multiple databases at the same time. The code snippet shows what the HTML template called by the render() function in the previous section might look like. Inside the HTML skeleton we have an expression that first checks if the youngest_teams variable exists, and then iterates it in a for loop. On each iteration the template displays each team’s team_name value in an element.

It also allows you to test the output of your asynchronous views using the test client or even write your own fully asynchronous tests for your Django project. The ‘Don’t Repeat Yourself’ and ‘Keep It Short and Simple’ philosophy is closely followed by the Django web framework. The simplicity and reusability of elements are the main cornerstones of Python, and Django effortlessly carries it onward. So here is a list of top 8 reasons why Django is the right choice for your company’s web project.

The framework also has the ability to handle traffic and mobile app API usage for a whopping 400 million users, therefore maximizing scalability and minimizing web hosting costs. What is more, Django lets you use plugins to extend your web app, and there are countless packages available to help you scale up your product. If you need a lighter framework better suited to the short-term, it might be best to look elsewhere. Django is one of the free and open-source Python web frameworks.

Developers have a lightning chance to avoid any errors or security issues from the start when using the Django framework. They can engineer the application the right way, protecting the website automatically. The Django framework is used for the backend structure of your software, so you will still need to utilize other technologies to design the front-end part of the system. It is extremely easy to scale and change directions in Django. It is one of the main advantages of Django framework that makes it so popular among startups specifically.

Rapid Development

So, a Django framework offers agility and security in building finance applications as well. So it’s natural that an amateur developer might face a tornado of questions during application development. Fortunately, they have access to loads of source materials and secondary resources like documentation, tutorials, and blogs to learn and catch up with the updates. It is an easy pick and the most popular web development framework too. But if you are skeptical about what all this fuss is about then you need to understand its benefits and the most common type of applications it is used for. Performance benchmarks may show a Java framework faster than Django.

  • Have you ever tried to manually set up an ORM to connect your database to your application?
  • Django was created by two programmers working for the Lawrence Journal-World in Kansas.
  • With ideals of quality, commitment, and perseverance, he believes in creating lasting business relationships with the clients.

For building highly scalable web applications with a constantly growing audience (e.g. content-based or news sites), Django is the topmost priority among the developer’s community. The framework is clear and simple, fast, and reliable, flexible, and scalable. Django has a huge loyal contributing community and this framework helps you to get your job done with fewer lines of code. Instead of spending time on built-in components, it allows developers to focus on building new components. According to SimilarTech, there were 77, 278 websites built with Django till May 2019. Yet it is simple enough for smaller-scale projects, or if you intend to scale your project to a much higher level.

Advantages and disadvantages of Django

Therefore, no development or production environment is left unsupported. Another great advantage of stemming from Python and its wonderful community is that Django has numerous useful libraries. Some of the most popular ones include the Django REST framework–aimed at building application programming interfaces–, and the Django CMS–focused on website content management. This makes it a good choice when you’re building a highly customisable app, such as a social media website. In addition to this Django, much the same as Python as a whole, has a strong community-based approach. You can utilise libraries of third-party extensions and plugins to customise your app however you wish.

why use django

In conclusion, Django covers a wide range of use cases which include high volumes of content and user interactions as well as small scale applications. So no matter what your goal maybe, it is a safe choice to go with. There is very less likelihood that further development and support for Django will stop anytime soon, because huge companies have built their products using this framework.

UI Design Tools You Should Know About

So learning Django is also easy if you know how to code in Python. Congratulations, you’ve completed the first step in your Django journey! You should now understand Django’s main benefits, a little about its history, and roughly what each of the main parts of a Django app might look like. You should have also learned a few things about the Python programming language, including the syntax for lists, functions, and classes. Django is now a thriving, collaborative open source project, with many thousands of users and contributors. While it does still have some features that reflect its origin, Django has evolved into a versatile framework that is capable of developing any type of website.

Pros of Using Django Framework for Web Development

Template systems allow you to specify the structure of an output document, using placeholders for data that will be filled in when a page is generated. Templates are often used Financial Innovation and FinTech European Banking Authority to create HTML, but can also create other types of document. Django supports both its native templating system and another popular Python library called Jinja2 out of the box .

No other framework that I know of offers this much support out of the box. Python is a language that is commonly used for quickly prototyping and building applications. Django gives you the speed and power of Python with many additional built-in features to help build web application and APIs much more quickly.

Django experts working in these areas develop a more functional, reliable, and efficient application. Python supports “object-oriented programming”, a style of programming where we organize our code into objects, which include related data and functions for operating on that data. Objects can also inherit/extend/derive from other objects, allowing common behavior between related objects to be shared. In Python we use the keyword class to define the “blueprint” for an object. We can create multiple specific instances of the type of object based on the model in the class. The code snippet below shows a very simple Django model for a Team object.

Though I mentioned it in previous section, it needs more attention. Many frameworks, like Laravel, Yii, etc. have attempted to make working with admin panel easier. I’ve developed many projects in various frameworks, but none of them are even remotely closer to Django framework in terms of working with Admin panel. I work with a great team as a senior software developer over at RocketBuild! We build a lot of cool projects in Django, React, and other technologies. “Rapid development and clean, pragmatic design” are key benefits of Django.

Basically, the admin panel is a backend control panel that can save you a significant amount of time by allowing you to create, update, and delete objects in the database. In fact, the panel can be customized to do pretty much anything you want it to. An ORM, or object–relational mapper, is essentially a library or a set of tools that connects the web application to its database. The problem with other ORMs is that you have to find a way to bring numerous queries to work together and also handle their migrations, seeding, etc. Companies across the world are using Django to create a wide array of applications, such as social networking sites, content management systems, scientific computing programs, and more. Even if you can’t immediately tell the quality and security of work offered by Django, just ask a backend developer.

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